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    The NUSA Office will be closed for the winter holiday between July 5 & 25, 2014



There are certain things, we always need as students. Four of these items are provided by NUSA for free.


Our A1 wallplanner is famous. Just pin it over your desk and you have a perfect overview over the year and the most important holidays. Now just enter your own exams, birthdays and deadlines. With the special paper we have used, you can easily put on sticky notes for additional information. Get our wall planner and be independent of your smartphone or tablet.

 Campus map

Just one piece of paper can make life so much easyer. Our simple map gives you the orientation you need on campus in order to be on time for classes and tutorials. And again, fully independent of your phone or tablet. If you loose it, just get a new one.

 NUSA Notepads

Sometimes a notepad is the easiest way to take notes. Our notepads are made from fully recyceable materials, so your notes don’t harm the environment.

OPUS Magazine

The campus' oldest student newspaper and your totally student controlled source of information on campus.


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Most Used Services

All day free breakfast

Energy is as important as tutorials! From 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, we provide you with free breakfast including: tea, coffee, milk, cereals, bread, butter, margarine, peanut butter, jam and of course Vegemite. 

 Do not forget to grab your breakfast from the NUSA Kitchen and enjoy the unparalleled NUSA ambience!


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Delicious Fruit-and-Veggie box

Like fresh food in the form of fruit and vegetables?  Excellent, because NUSA runs a fruit and vegetable co-op!

How it works:

You pay $15 at the NUSA Office before 6pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  Then, very early on Thursday morning, our team of keen, bargain hunting volunteers goes to the Regional Produce Markets and bulk buys the best value produce.  They bring it back to the NUSA building, divide it equitably between all the boxes, and after 11am on that same Thursday, you come into NUSA with your own box or bag, and take away your fresh fruit and vegetables.  The produce is fresh and generally agreed that it is great value for money.



Fantastic vegetarian lunch

Fantastic, filling and healthy! Our specialists in vegan and vegetarian cooking, the vegetarian club, provides you with this tasty option. Just a tip: when you get the meal, ask for their homemade juice.

Check out our calendar for location and time.


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Prepare your own food



Food on campus is expensive! Arguably more expensive than some food in town. NUSA was the first institution on campus recognizing this important issue. For almost 20 years, we provide basic kitchen facilities to you, so you can prepare your own food.


Student Advocacy

Sometimes we end up having tensions with others. If there is conflict with the university, this experience can feel intimidating. As perhaps the most independent student association on campus, we appreciate that fact. Although university has withdrawn all funding to our grievance department, we are still providing this amazing service, because we believe that independence is the most valuable asset we have.


Come in and see our Grievance Officer, Veronica, who has proven her skills in many conflicts.


Latest Events


Fully Graded Date


21.07.2014 - 25.07.2014
Supplementary Exams


28.07.2014 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Latin dance classes

Word from the president

"Welcome to our new site!
After months of development, this monumental project has come to an end! With pride I thank all who have worked days and nights to give students at this university a better student-union experience.
Please feel welcome here and also at our building. If there is any issue, do not hesitate to write me an email or drop by."

-  Thomas Seidling -