Clubs and Societies provide the chance for you to share your passion and interests with others and to learn valuable skills at the same time. There are lots of benefits to running a NUSA-affiliated club including access to NUSA resources and spaces, free printing, and being associated with an independently-run organisation focused on advocating for the interests of students & their clubs!

Effectively running an accountable, sustainable association draws upon and develops a variety of skills in areas such as event management, budgeting & accounting, and marketing and promotions. You can’t do it alone: you’ll need to find others with a shared passion and commitment to help run your dream club. The NUSA team is here to help you along the way.

NUSA has a strong history of, not only supporting Clubs with resources to operate, but also ensuring their interests are advocated for at UoN. NUSA will remain committed to hosting Clubs and Societies meetings, forums and information sessions that give clubs an opportunity to directly contribute to the discussion on the rules and processes in place to support our affiliated clubs and societies.