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You can search below through NUSA's wide range of affiliated clubs and societies. To join a club, send an e-mail to the club's nominated contact person and they will be able to help you. If there is no email address listed you can contact and we can put you in touch with them.

Academic or Degree Based

Architecture Social Club

Arch Social - Logo.png

The UON Architecture Social Club is perfect for anyone who is interested in the built environment and design in general. They hold a variety of events which include raffles, sporting events and social gatherings with students and the wider community.

Architecture Lunch Club


The Architecture lunch club is a way for student designers to meet their peers in a friendly and informal way over a meal fundraising for the Master of Architecture end of year formal exhibition. The ALC aims to bring like-minded people together to form a strong design community at the University of Newcastle. All are welcome with events being held in red square or in the ADS on a weekly basis. They cater for both herbivores and carnivores equally.

JMP Critical Care Society

JMP logo 2019.jpg

JMP Critical Care Society is a medical student organisation run for, and by JMP medical students - with the aim of increasing student exposure to, and education in, the areas of Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetic and Intensive Care.

Natural History Illustration Club


If you love to draw from nature or would like to learn (including drawing people), this is the club for you. Members are from a variety of degree programs but the core group are dedicated Natural History Illustrators who are wanting to learn and share their enthusiasm and knowledge. We provide different art opportunities for students on campus including workshops, life drawing, and different social events. Everyone is welcome to come learn!

Physics Society

Physics - logo.png

The Physics Society is a club for having fun, getting to know each other and eating pizza all while sharing our love of Physics. We also aim to improve communication between staff and students about opportunities which may arise pertaining to the Physics industry.

Physiotherapy Student Society

Physio - logo.png

We are a non-profit, student led society that represents the needs of physiotherapy students at the University of Newcastle. We facilitate both social and professional networking through events such as pub crawls, annual balls, trivia nights, inter-faculty sports days, professional development courses and more.

Society of Medical Innovation and Technology

SoMIT - Logo.png

Society of Medical Innovation and Technology (SoMIT) is an organisation that functions to promote interest, learning and engagement with the interdisciplinary fields of medical engineering and health technology.

Speech Pathology University of Newcastle

SPUN – the Speech Pathology at the University of Newcastle Student Association aims to organise social events for Speech Pathology students, although all students are welcome to attend their events. SPUN hold welcome BBQS as well as bake sales in order to raise funds for affiliated organisations.

University of Newcastle Surgical Society

SurgSoc logo 2019.jpg

UNSS, or SurgSoc, are a group of medical students who aim to facilitate and encourage student growth and development in relation to surgical interest. They foster interaction with other student groups and faculties within the University of Newcastle as well as with other medical faculties around the country and overseas.

Charity and Philanthropy

Wake Up! Global Health Group

WakeUp! logo 2019.jpg

Wake Up! is a club led by health students with the mission to raise awareness of global health inequities, and provide students with knowledge of, and experience in, the developing world that will enable our future health professionals to be well equipped to address and influence health inequities globally.

Vinnies Youth Social Club

UoN Vinnies - Logo.jpg

UoN Vinnies are interested in social justice and would love to recruit students who are looking to volunteer. If you join, you will meet other young like-minded philanthropic people and be involved in activities like sleepouts, BBQs and bake sales in the spirit of the St Vincent de Paul Society.


Bangladesh Students Association

BSANU - logo.png

We aim to help the new Bangladeshi students who come to the university to pursue their studies. BSANU offer support such as accommodation, initial settlements and moral support. We also help students organise different functions and cultural programs and events such as Bengali New Year, International Mother Language Day and Eid day. BSANU practices Bangladeshi culture at UoN for recreation and to give students a break from the hardship of study.

Hong Kong Student Association

HKSA logo 2019.jpg

HKSA aims to provide a social platform for Hong Kong and all other students through regular activities; as well as to take care the needs of all members to adapt to the environment of Newcastle; and to promote Hong Kong culture.

Iranian Students Association


We are a cultural association for Iranian students at UoN. We are interested in sharing Iranian culture with other nationalities whilst celebrating traditional events and introducing Persian culture and history to Australian society.

La Peña - Latin American Society

LaPena logo.jpg

With an aim to promote Latin American social and cultural activities at the University of Newcastle, La Peña provides a space for people from different cultural backgrounds to learn and share Latin American culture, dance and music. 

Newcastle Arab Students Society is a cultural club for Arabic students studying at the University of Newcastle to help them navigate the university and keep in touch with their culture and identity.

Newcastle Arab Students Society

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia Newcastle


For Indonesian students who miss their country, or any other students who want to learn more about Indonesian culture - this club is a good place to meet other Indonesian students and shape your Bahasa or cultural knowledge.

Saudi Students Club

Saudi Club - Logo.jpg

Saudi Students Club aims to introduce the cultural and educational achievements of Saudi Arabia to UoN students. We also aim to engage effectively with Australian cultural and educational institutions by encouraging a dialogue and supporting Saudi students who study in Australia and particularly Newcastle.

Student Association of Pakistan

SAP - Logo2.jpg

The Student Association of Pakistan aims to promote harmony by organizing various cultural, educational, and social activities and to help their Pakistani brothers and sisters to feel more at home. Membership is open to all interested students and staff of the University of Newcastle with a $1 annual membership fee.

Fun, Social and Special Interest

The Affordable Wine Appreciation Society (aka The Goonion)

Goonion - LOGO.png

We aim to bring together people and animal alike from all walks and stalks of life for the mutual social and networking benefit of all life. We want to promote appreciation of sociable drinking in an appropriate and acceptable manner and to facilitate members with affordable social occasions so members may no longer drink alone. In addition to this, we want to provide a means for members to discuss and develop closer social links, wherever possible, between the members through the appreciation of affordable wine related experiences.

Doctors for the Environment

DEA UoN logo 2019.png

DEA UoN is a student group as part of the national organisation Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), a network of medical professionals and students actively engaged and advocating for patient health and climate action.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

DnD logo.png

We provide a space to play cooperative table top role playing games such as D & D and many others.

Newcastle University Bicycle Users' Group

NUBUG logo.png

NUBUG is a cycling advocacy group, which seeks to promote cycling for fun, camaraderie, sport and transport. They hold fun events such as bike rides, movie nights, and festivals. Get the complete transport story: NUBUG aims to promote safe cycling and promote awareness of related issues of sustainability, convenience, economic welfare, fitness and health, and environmental protection.

UoN Connect

UoN Connect - logo.png

We aim to provide infotainment - sharing key messages of public concern or interest through entertainment activities. We strive to develop a strong connection among participants by planning information dissemination and fun activities and then share this theme with a wider audience by planning activities in open forums.

UON Medieval Society - College of Saint Crispin

St Crispins - Logo.jpg

The UoN Medieval Society (a.k.a College of Saint Crispin) is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where we research and recreate a diverse range of pre-17th century European culture, focusing on the middle ages.

The Arts Collective

Arts Collective logo 2019.jpg

We are a social collective that seeks to connect the creatives all across campus no matter what you study if you have an interest in 2D, 3D or Digital art, or even music. If you wish to share your skills or gain some new ones then The Arts Collective welcomes you!

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The Vegetarian Club

Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg curious or just wanting a way to make some positive impacts in our world and hang out with some rad people and eat mucho delish food? Then the Veggie Club is the club you want to be in! ☺ We are a group of people that are all about spreading love, liberating people’s thoughts and actions through education and information, showing kindness to all beings and promoting ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles.


International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE - Logo.png

The IYSSE aim to develop an international movement out of the working class, students and youth in the fight against war and social inequality, through the intellectual traditions of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Luxemburg and Trotsky. They hold regular discussion on the analysis of the articles on the World Socialist Website, and through this aim to heighten the intellectual discourse and debate on campus. 

Newcastle University Student Environment Club

NUSEC logo.jpg

NUSEC is a group for those passionate about the environment and looking to get involved with clean ups and conservation projects. We help out local organisations cleaning up our rivers and beaches, assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with bush regeneration in some of the state's most beautiful nature reserves, and join in on important environmental campaigns to help spread the word about sustainability.

Spiritual, Philosophical and Faith

Christian Ambassador Mission Newcastle - CAMN

Each year a significant number of oversea students comes to the University of Newcastle to study. These international students are anticipated to experience more variety of issues and problems comparing to the local students. It may include homesick, difficulties arising from language barriers, interpersonal relationship issues, and so on. CAMN [Christian Ambassador Mission Newcastle] is a student social and spiritual club that supports and helps the students in order to let them maintain their emotional and mental well-being through a strong interpersonal network. This will lead them complete their studies successfully and grow their maturity in their life.

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Hillsong on Campus

Hillsong on Campus are focused on connecting university students and staff with a positive environment and the Christian message, in both small groups and at large gatherings. They also assist in welcoming international students to Australia and its culture. Their club facilitates social activities and on campus events to create a strong community amongst students.

University of Newcastle Islamic Society

UNIS - Logo.jpg

University of Newcastle Islamic Society(UNIS) is the formal student body representing Muslim students at the University of Newcastle campus which aims to educate and cultivate Islamic values and set an excellent example to the students and people of Newcastle. UNIS also seeks to establish a network with community members along with providing a platform to socialize and exchange ideas and thoughts. Anyone is welcome to become a member.

University of Newcastle Sikh Society

Sikh - logo.png

UoN Sikh Society aims to bring the Sikh faith's values of spiritual development and social justice to campus, through collaborative events, dialogue, and community engagement. UoN Sikh Society is involved in running events such as meditation nights, stalls at multicultural festivals, social events, organising interfaith dialogues and bringing traditional Sikh practices such as langar (free community kitchen) and gatka (martial arts) to campus. Everyone is always welcome!

Newcastle Christian Students

NCS logo 2019.png

Newcastle Christian Students (NCS) is a group for all students who love Jesus or want to find out more about Him. We provide the opportunity for students to investigate and grow in their knowledge of who Jesus is from the Bible with Christians from a range of churches through Bible Talks, Small Groups and conferences.

UON Christian Club

Christian Club logo 2019.png

UCC is a student lead and run club at the university of Newcastle, which consists of various christians from all backgrounds. We hold to the common faith which is shared by all believers and encourage anyone who would like to know more about God and the Bible to join our club! To see what activities we offer check out our webpage or Facebook page.