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Activities Collective

The activities collective is responsible for organising events with the other collectives and collaborating with the clubs and projects officer to activate the campus culture. This can include events such as the weekly NUSA BBQ, Stress Less week and RU OK Day.

Corey Dixon is the activities convenor - Contact:

Education Collective

The Education Collective supports and runs campaigns regarding issues affecting students’ educations at the university of Newcastle, as well as nationally. The collective liaises closely with the National Union of Students on key student issues.

Kya Branch is the Education Officer. Contact:



Environment Collective

The environment collective is concerned with issues surrounding environmental management, sustainability and the future of our planet. Check out the ENVIRONMENT COLLECTIVE on Facebook.

Ivy Scurr is the current Environment Convenor. Contact:

Equity Collective

The Disabilities (Equity) Collective of NUSA brings together students with a disability who have an interest in making friends and having a good time at University. We are an autonomous student collective, run by students with a disability, for students with a disability. We operate collaboratively with but independently from the University. We will never ask you to disclose or prove your disability and you will never find a more accepting group to discuss the many interesting aspects of life with a disability; both the good and the not so good.

WHAT WE DO: We offer accessible and inclusive social events whilst being a collective voice for students with a disability.

WHO SHOULD JOIN US: We welcome all students who identify themselves as having a disability, mental illness or chronic illness, as well as students who are unpaid carers of a person with disability or chronic illness.

WHAT IS A DISABILITY: Disability is a broad term that encompasses many conditions. Some examples of these conditions are: Physical Disabilities, Mental Illnesses, Neurological / Sensory Disorders, Neurodivergence, Dyslexia, Chronic Pain or Illness, Autoimmune Disorders, Temporary Disabilities

HOW TO BE INVOLVED: If you would like to find out more or get involved, you can contact us via our Facebook page (/NUSA.Disabilities) or by email (



Indigenous Collective

The Indigenous students’ collective (UONISC) are advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at the university of Newcastle. We have monthly meetings where members and non-members are welcome to attend. Over the course of the year we will hold information sessions and events. Click here for our Facebook page

Our aim is to assist the university in becoming more culturally appropriate. We are committed to empowering students so they can take pride in their identity while studying at the University of Newcastle

Ngarie Pakai is the Indigenous Convenor. Contact:

International Students' Collective

The international collective advocate for our international student population at UoN. They also run workshops, classes and information sessions for international students to help improve their experience when studying abroad.

Ashraf Abdelbaky is our international convenor - Contact:

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Media Collective

The Media Collective guides and produces Opus Magazine, the University of Newcastle's only fully student-led source of media. If you would like to get involved, join the NUSA Media Collective Facebook Group for notifications of meetings and events. At Opus, we are always interested in engaging articles and content. If you would like to submit an article, contact us right away!

The position of Media officer is currently vacant. Contact:

Queer Collective

The Queer Collective is the University's autonomous representative body for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ). The group meets regularly and hosts events and activities designed to raise awareness of issues and build a sense of inclusion on campus.

The Queer Space in the NUSA Building is a room that members of the LGBTIQ community can use to access support and services. 

Max Tran is our Queer Convenor - Contact:



Welfare Collective

The welfare collective is concerned with and advocates for student health and well-being. They support and run campaigns regarding disability issues, safety on campus, student accommodation, affordable childcare and other welfare issues.

The Position of Welfare convenor is currently vacant. Contact:

Women's Collective

The Women's Collective is an autonomous feminist collective for women and non-binary students at the University of Newcastle. The Women's Room in the NUSA building is an autonomous space for women and non-binary students, and is trans inclusive. Like us on Facebook and join our Facebook group to be updated on upcoming Women's Collective events and campaigns.

We are still seeking people to join our executive team to manage the collective. These positions are autonomous, meaning you must be a woman or non-binary student at the University of Newcastle to apply. Position descriptions and responsibilities can be found by clicking the position title. Our current team and vacancies are: