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NUSA offers subsidised RSA and RCG qualifications through Reach for Training. This qualification is essential for students who work in areas where you serve alcohol and venues that provide gambling services such as poker machines. Having this qualification will make a student's job application more competitive in hospitality environments.

NUSA offers discount Senior First Aid courses through Business Wise First Aid Training. We organise many courses throughout the year and offer them at a discounted rate for our members. Senior First Aid is extremely important for Nursing students, and any other student who requires the qualification for their job or their degree.

Booking a Course

You can book a course online with your credit card here.

Please note that you if you are not already a NUSA member you will be required to sign up first. Membership is free and by joining you will be able to contribute to, as well as enjoy the other great services that NUSA offers UoN students.

As an alternative to booking online, you can come into the NUSA Building and ask our friendly staff for assistance - we can set you up with everything you will need right there and then.

Things you will need

You will need to register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) so that you can be formally awarded your qualification. You will also need a pen, enclosed footwear and lunch (as there are no cafes or shops open on the weekend). You will receive a reminder email two days before the course date with this information.


Does NUSA offer any other courses?

We have held different kinds of subsidised courses in the past, such as Mental Health First Aid. We may offer different courses in the future. Our best advice would be to keep an eye on our News section and Facebook page!

I can't make any of the dates displayed. Can you offer a different date?

Generally, no. Under some circumstances, we may open up more course dates, dependent on demand. Let us know about your interest, and we will let you know.

Why did the course costs go up?

NUSA exists on a shoestring budget, and we need to carefully prioritise what student services we offer year-to-year. As a consequence of different funding arrangements with the University, and the cost of the courses to NUSA, we have had to increase the price of each course a little bit. Rest assured that this is still significantly cheaper than you will be able to find anywhere else!

Do you use legitimate and credible course providers?

Yes! We are confident that Reach for Training and Business Wise First Aid can offer you a professional and credible qualification in the course you choose to undertake. You can find out more about the provider on their websites.