University Wide Compulsory Attendance

A plan has been placed into motion to require all students enrolling at the University of Newcastle from 2020 to have compulsory attendance at classes. 


On Friday the 30thof August the university Vice Chancellor, Professor Alex Zelinsky, released a statement regarding a plan to improve student attendance as a response to staff concerns. 


The plan will require students to maintain an 80% attendance record in order to sit their end of semester exams. 


The changes will be used for tutorials, seminars, labs and other smaller teaching activities, but the Vice Chancellor assures lecture structure will remain the same. 


The largest concern in this matter is the lack of consultation with the student body, as the news comes as a shock to NUSA and other student bodies who were not spoken to about this plan. 


There are many dynamic factors that affect the life of students in 2019 and the concern now is how the university plans to accommodate the complicated lifestyle of students. 


 The Vice Chancellor has spoken about commissioning a new software system to monitor attendance. 


“We are in the process of commissioning a new software system that runs on mobile devices which can record student attendance at teaching sessions.”


The questions then remain on how much this system will cost, what systems will be put in place with adverse situations and what the student body thinks about this development.


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By Tyler Bridges


Simon Ritchie