If you're interested in starting a club, the first thing you should do is check out the NUSA Clubs Directory and Find a Club at UoN to see if there is already a similar affiliated club.

Next you will need ten people to fill out and sign an Intent to Affiliate Form, which tells us that there are enough students to form a club. After that we will contact you and get the ball rolling!



You can develop skills in areas such as governance, leadership, event planning and more. Hosting activities on campus will help foster a thriving campus culture at the University of Newcastle. You can meet like-minded students who like the same things you do, from political views to hobbies.

What is involved in running a club or society?

As club or society President, you will be required to take responsibility for the general running of the club, including holding and chairing meetings. The other executive members will be able to take on responsibilities such as Secretary, Treasurer and more.

What support can NUSA offer?

We can support clubs by providing access to events and activities funding, as well as giving advice about booking spaces on and off-campus. We are also here to help with event management, governance and generally how to get the best out of running a club at UoN.

I want to start a club, but that club already exists.

Join that club! This way, you can just join in instead of doing all the legwork yourself. If you'd like to have a more hands-on involvement, attend the club or society's annual general meeting (AGM) and run for a position. If you would prefer to start your own club, think of a way to make it unique - NUSA can help you here.

Are there rules about what types of clubs can affiliate with NUSA?

In short, yes. NUSA staff and the NUSA Council reserve the right to refuse affiliation to any club that they reasonably believed to be based on principles of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia or extremist ideology.

For more detailed information about joining a Club - please contact, or come into the NUSA building to have a chat with Simon - our Clubs and Projects Officer.